Maestro Michael Joseph F. Cruz is a student/practitioner of Abenir Kali System since February 2010. He practiced Judo under Senseis Maria Teresa De Castro & Ferdinand Baylon (Marist Judo Club, 1988-1989), Sensei Joseph Enteria (1993) and Sensei Noel Estanislao (2013); Karatedo (AAK-Marist) under Sensei Benjamin Malvas (1989-1992);  Sikaran (Marikina Chapter) under Guro Eddie Hermosa (March-May 1992); Kungfu under Conrado San Pedro (1992-1993). While in college, he was a probationary member of a university-based martial arts group which trains in Judo-Karate and boxing (1993, 1995). In 2008, he trained with the BPI Aikido Club for 6-7 months and then sought arnis instruction from Grandmaster Vicente Sanchez of Kali Arnis International (2008-2009).

Mike also is the official archivist of our group.  He is the responsible for documenting our events and happenings within AK. He is authorized to teach the bolo system of Abenir Kalis.

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