Maestro Rommel Ramirez

I was introduced at an early age in FMA by the brother of my Grandma, Tatay Detong Laurena from Cagayan de Oro. He did introduce some aspect of FMA without knowing that eventually I will become a most avid student of the art in the future.
I started Combat Aikido around 1999 reaching green belt. Along the way I had some colloboration with Guro Marvin who is a black belt in Combat Aikido and also an avid practitioner and researcher of the martial arts. We got the chance to meet Maestro Oliver Domingo of Sagupaan who introduced us to grappling, street fighting and weapon’s training in FMA as well.  But time soon came when the group finally ceased to continue with its training. But Ka Marvin Mendoza continued to explore the ground fighting arts through the headquarters of Combat Aikido or better known as Tapondo in Cubao while I concentrated with my varsity training in Don Bosco Technical College in the sport of Judo and Bjj under the guidance of maestro Bong Abenir and coach Ronell Viñas. I earned a bronze in Judo competiton held in Mapua campus and earned a bronze medal in one of the Pan Asian Grappling Challenge hosted by KMA of coach Stephen Kamphuis. Then I was introduced also into the art of Silat by Maestro Bong Abenir who studied under pendekar Hadimulyo and O'ong Maryono through which I earned my second degree as a black belt. Then again my curiousity to the unique blade arts of the Philippines promted me to ask maestro Bong for instruction. At first, he was reluctant and refused to teach me the art of Kalis Ilustrisimo. but it was my persistence and dedication to the pursuit of martial training that won me over and he finally agreed to share it with me. Along the way, we made a lot of technical experiments and development through constant training and live sparring of the art of what is now known as Abenir Kalis Filipino Blade Art System which was the result of finding the common thread between the different martial influences that helped build the foundation of this wonderful system. I even tried to explore a lot of FMA with the blessing of my master for the sake of research. By accident I then met GrandMaestro Crescensio Go, MD of the original Balintawak at the ship around that year of 2007. That’s when I also met another teacher who would introduce me to a different perspective in the study of FMA. Around 2009 Maestro Bong Abenir introduced me to the late GrandMaestro Tony Diego. Up to this day I am still doing continous research and honing of the skills learned under the tutelage of my Master and good friend as well.

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