Guro Bradley Castle

My FMA journey started in New Zealand 11yrs in the art of Kali Ilustrisimo and later moved onto Pekiti Tersia Kali, and now Abenir Kalis
I have also cross trained in Dog Brother Martial Arts and Kali Majaphahit.

I had first seen stick fighting in movies, and only realized what I was looking at when a friend gave me a book on Filipino Martial arts. The author was Guru Dan Inosanto.
That was until later I was looking to do martial arts and wasn't sure what to do, until I walked into a gym and seen people playing with sticks and knives, That's when I found Filipino Martial Arts.  
With it I found the Country's people, it's history, culture and passion. The understanding of how a bladed art can be soft and sensitive  was hard, but in the simplicity of its movements lies it's nature.
I have also done various training seminars with some great instructors and Masters. I have been actively been teaching for 2 1/2 years now, and I'm currently the  Abenir Kalis representative for New Zealand.
Over the years I have taught and mentored people in a working environment and through this I have found a common ground in understanding how people learn and in turn FMA has taught me to be patient and tolerable.

I have also completed a full weeks Personal Intensive Training Programme with Maestro Bong Abenir in the Philippines encompassing the art of Abenir Kalis.
It was a huge eye opener in how the system works, with regard to how I used to train.
The simplicity in its effectiveness lies in the understanding of movement in Time and Measure.
Training is sparring and sparring is training, which was a new and exciting concept, movements are tight, small and functional.

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