Guro Dean Franco

My Martials Arts journey started with Tae Kwon Do in which I completed second degree Black Belt.  From there I saw my first UFC and my views on Martial Arts changed far as what I wanted to pursue. This is where I met my first FMA teacher Ron Kowsakowski. Guro Ron taught the Inosanto Blend and Kuntao. Through this initial exposure I have never looked back.
My curiosity and ever changing work schedule led to me train in Sayoc Kali and Atienza Kalis in addition to Guro Ron.  At this time I opened a school called Family Martial Arts and we were the first school in Ct. to teach kids FMA.  Atienza Kalis was our pilot program using soft sticks.
Due to the school my training took a back seat until I sold my school. After the completion of the sale I became a full time student again. Since then I represent Burton Richardson in Battlefield Kali. I also study with Guro Ron in PKT/Inosanto blend and Tom Sotis –AMOK. Lastly I am the Ct rep for Native American Warrior Arts.
My Abenir Kalis journey started from seeing videos of Maestro Bong. I had immediate interest in which I pursued through contact with Ka Marvin Mendoza here in the US. As a result one of the best choices of my Martial Art career to pursue Abenir Kalis. Everyone is very helpful and complimentary of one another, a true sense of brotherhood. I am currently the Ct rep for Abenir Kalis.

I can be reached at for training in Abenir Kalis

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