Is a martial artist from the city of Tarlac. He started to study combat aikido from Master Samuel Capiral and became one of the few tarlac blackbelts. When he arrived in Manila he crosstrained kyokushin karate and fought in some bare knuckle competitions. His thirst for learning different styles of martial arts was never quenched. Eventually he trained submission grappling with Marvin Mendoza at the combat aikido headquarters. Marvin Mendoza shared some knife techniques from Eskrima known as Abenir kalis, Amazed and in awe Ramon asked Guro Marvin about the system. Years passed Ramon Nabong III became an amateur mma fighter with 2-1 record representing fist gym under Coaches Rosenberg Rosete and Jerry Legaspi. Still curious for a system which trains deeply with bladed weapons and is a street oriented martial art,  he was still finding the filipino fighting system. With the help of Audey Joves and Bryan Dy he met Maestro Bong Abenir at the Pinaglabanan headquarters (A brotherhood of AK formed by dedicated practitioners of AK system and BJJ practitioners under Coach Stephen Kamphius.) and Maestro Bong Abenir was a humble soft spoken man but deeply skilled and knowledgeable in the art of the blade, hand to hand and stick fighting of the Filipino martial arts. To this day Ramon Nabong is under the watchful guidance of Maestro Bong.  Ramon Nabong teaches at the quezon city branch of Abenir kali and he is currently a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Thirdy Nabong is a certified teacher in Abenir Kalis sysytem and is a member of AK Kalistas Ilustrados Brotherhood. He is teaching the system of Abenir Kalis at the famous  FIST Gym located at Quezon City near GMA.

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