Maestro Chris Dalida is a late bloomer in the field of Martial Arts but has a keen interest in his warrior heritage being a Reservist in the Philippine Army and a former UST Golden Corps Commander. He was introduced initially to grappling thru Maesto Bong Abenir's jujitsu classes and Muay Thai. He ventured to Filipino Martial Arts initially with the Biagtan Cinco Teros system of Maestro Ray Biagtan but eventually found his maturity and development in Abenir Kalis where he got his certification as Guro. He is also a certified Arnis instructor in the School of Arnis Professionals. He promotes FMA in the BPO community and conducts various seminars and activities for self defense, using martial arts for developing self-esteem and the promulgation of the Filipino Blade Art as a Cultural and Martial heritage of the Philippines. He now offers private training within the BGC Taguig area.

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