Sunday, July 16, 2017

Abenir Kalis at Masters Magazine 2017 Issue:

Included in this issue is Bong Abenir (founder of the system) and Japs Jayme from Abenir Kalis Filipino Blade Art. The wonderfully arranged interview and demo format was done in the studio of Masters Magazine in California and was conducted by Sir Val Mijailovic a day after my seminar. It was with the kind help from my brothers at Cranes Production Mr. Andy (who with his partner Mr. Martin  produced our recently released bolo dvd and as well as our upcoming knife dvd) together with pak Sam Halim who arranged this meeting. I was also accompanied by one of our AK Instructor residing in California Ka Japs Jayme who also served aa my partner during the demonstration.

Kindly order your copy through the link below:

Thank you also to the support of my friends and especially fellow brothers and teachers in AK and  Kalistas Ilustrados Brotherhood

Bong Abenir
Abenir Kalis Philippines