Friday, May 12, 2017



I have taught many students during the past two decades that I have been actively  teaching and promoting the Filipino martial arts along with other martial arts which I have studied under the great teachers I learned from.  And it is very usual to see students come and go. Some stay for a very short period of time, there are those who stay for a couple of years and others even decades. Up to the present time I have students (now wonderful teachers themselves) who have stayed within our group for more than 20 years already and not because they are kept within the confines of invisible walls for which there is none but they just chose to do so and stick around due to the friendship, trust and brotherhood built around everyone else. I have always encouraged them to do as they want. To learn as much as they want from other teachers, styles, system of these vast  and wonderful world of martial arts. And now when we cross sticks and hands, I am humbled and proud  at the same time for many are better than me now. Yet they still  remain with us and indeed they are the same people who from the very beginning were always free. And these are the people who are usually  found to be of great character and with an attitude of humility, compassion and kindness towards others. For them martial arts is a way of life which had created a positive impact in their lives. While others who came in already with swelled heads and arrogance in their demeanor were usually the people who just use others for their own fame, glory, selfish motives and everything just for their benefit. They are mere egotistical  salesmen in our opinion and not martial artists.  Most of the time they are the ones who speak much (usually nonsense) and show off their so called skills yet with a very shallow understanding of what it means to be a true student of the martial arts. They love to be addressed as someone with authority and yet does not know how to do so with others and would often verbally and arrogantly  berate the very system for which they have become famous and known for in order to lick the boot of others. And indeed many who don't have a clue follow them and praise them not knowing nor understanding  the level of deep insecurities and shallowness the person has. They're like horses on the park with blinders on their eyes while nodding along up and down with a cloud of flies, pissing on the bucket.  These are the poison or the rotten apples that we have to throw out in order not to contaminate or destroy the others.

Bong Abenir

Abenir Kalis Philippines

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