Monday, May 22, 2017


By Maestro Marvin Mendoza

One of the most difficult and dangerous situations anyone can face is the multiple attacker scenario it raises the risk of injury or death, exponentially. In Abenir Kalis, the training is taken a step further we do practice multiple attack scenarios with weapons involved from sticks to knives which makes it even more challenging. The following are a few thoughts on how to approach it. Bear in mind we are not covering ambush scenarios in this article.

As the comedy director Mel Brooks once said in one of his movies, “it’s location, location, location”.
To survive a multiple attack scenario location and distance is the most important. Though most people would just use instinct and reaction time to survive. We believe considering your location in relation to your opponents is also essential. In this article we’ll begin with a one against two scenario.

The most ideal location is the triangle location(you are  in the center and both opponents in front) because you can see both opponents and somewhat predict movement.

From here we start our tactics, one of the tactics is to see who is closer and attack or defend against them.

From this scenario you can take out the first person to come in and deal with the other one after. The second situation is when both are equidistant from you now there are two ways to engage them one is to draw one of them in by moving back when they attack even if they simultaneously attack they cant come in at the same speed one will always be faster than the other and you can deal with first person to come in.

another way is to line yourself with one opponent if they are equidistant from you so by simple geometry you make yourself farther from the other opponent

Now some may ask, what if they’re not in front of me but instead one in front the other in the back? Then choose a side either left or right to run to to create that triangle distance even if they give chase they will align in a triangle if you run to one side.

Now all of these tactics are good if and only if you actually try them out in sparring or even in light drills with foam sticks or knives. Do bear in mind that there are NO GUARANTEES in a multiple fight scenario but if you try these tactics with honest partners and do some analysis yourself you’ll find that you will get better instincts when it comes to multiple attackers and gradually you can increase the number from two to three etc. The idea is just survive not conquer. If you try to conquer in this scenario you are likely gonna get injured or die in the process. Survive long enough to create space for a hasty retreat.

I myself have tried these tactics with some level of success, by success I mean I was able to survive, not win against my opponents. As I said above, multiple attackers is the most difficult scenario you will get peppered in training just continue to experiment and you’ll develop your own tactic that works for you.  For a knife scenario parrying is likely better than trapping one opponent because you are likely to get stabbed by the other opponent so parry and hit or stab(if you're armed with a blade). For an all stick scenario, parries or passes are favorable over solid blocks because you can move seamlessly between opponents if you block hard you stay put and that can be dangerous. Like I said, these are all easier said than done so try experiment and see what works for you.



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