Tuesday, May 30, 2017


By Marvin Mendoza

To forward grip or to Reverse grip? Among knife enthusiasts there has been some sort of opinion bias whether which grip is more effective. My humble two cents here is that both have merits and demerits but BOTH MUST BE PRACTICED!!! The reasoning is simple in a perfect world in a real life or death scenario you would wish you can always fight in forward grip where you have maximum penetration and range however battle is never perfect…What if you drop your weapon in the heat of engagement and as you scramble to get your blade you happen to grab it reverse side? Do you say time out? May I change my grip? Or do you fight anyway? The goal is to be versed in both although when you do employ reverse grip I don’t like the clipping or trapping method of using the reverse grip. Because it opens you up to getting cut as well due to lack of tactical distance. I honestly think the reverse grip is a defensive grip rather than an offense grip because you can use it to keep someone at bay by employing jabbing style of attack and defense instead of getting in deep with a thrust. As I have demoed below I use jabbing type attacks and defense even hiding my weapon to camouflage distance…

FMA, is involved in the practice of blade techniques that does have a rather dark premise behind it but bear in mind this has always been practiced just the off chance you need to defend the lives of your loved ones.  Avoidance and diplomacy and always erring on the side of caution is paramount. The video below is for demo only not to be taken as an instructional vid practice under the watchful eye of a professional and know your state laws.

Be safe. Pugay!

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