Tuesday, April 4, 2017


By Guro Bradley Castle
AK New Zealand

An excercise we done a few weeks ago, was "Chalk Sparring". Each person has a different colour and its no more than 3 inches long. It's done with the view of using a small blade, or more so going up against someone with a small blade..ie: small knife, box cutter, bottle head, shank. Also a way to get comfortable with the idea of having to be that close to someone with a weapon, when all else fails and there is no where to run. At the end of it we get to assess the damage. It is clear to say everyone got cut. When the chalk falls we have to do what we can to survive , thus the clinching to take control. I ended up with a huge cut/mark on my right thigh, which I only seen at the end. We done one minute rounds and kept changing partners. We also chalk up the sharkie knife trainers for sparring, to get visual feed back.

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