Saturday, April 8, 2017


By Marvin Mendoza

I am a proud Kalista and member of Abenir Kalis System founded by my master... Maestro Fernando "Bong" Abenir you can find his story in the essa entitled "MY JOURNEY THROUGH  SILAT AMD ILUSTRISIMO MASTERS"... The system itself is very well rounded and well structured and is well suited in modern times...Like a living thing this system evolves, expands and improves itself making it better prepared for anything...

It has it's roots in Kalis Ilustrisimo, which my master diligently studied for 19 years under the watchful eye of the late GM Tony Diego along  with guro Jong and guro Pedro Reyes back in 1994 till Tatang's twilight years in 1997.

and apart from Master Bong's extensive KI training for which he is also certified to teach under GM Diego. He also studied and taught extensively the indonesian martial art of Silat and Master Bong is also skilled in Muay Thai he trained with MAP, Judo brown belt under the legendary Judo Champion John Baylon and coached BJJ at Don Bosco school under the banner of Kamphui-Machado bjj with his students winning tournaments in the span of 10 years...his experiences in these systems and others. Which also included laban baston and dumog for which he honed for decades he combined to become Abenir Kalis. A martial art that evolves with you and for you...

As for my self my own personal journey wasn't easy either I had to undergo intensive training and tutelage first from PG Rommel Ramirez  then after a year or so I trained directly under Maestro Bong till getting my own instructor certificate under AK...

Although Ak will allow anyone the ability to defend themselves even after a few sessions. To be considered guro status one must train for years and endure a lot of testing. Myself and my batch mates had to pass a 10 round sparring match just to even pass the bolo section of the instructor certificate. Mastery over Ak demands dedication and years of toil. And the system is still evolving and modifying it's structure even as I write this a lot changes has taken place and all current instructors must under-go a new process of training and even re-certification to continue teaching the new process which includes:

Espada y daga
Dos Manos
Empty hands

and each of these also requires years of mastery before one can teach with authority.

The beauty of this system is that it is always ready to question itself, ready to improve and move with the times and demands of survival against violence but at the same time only the most dedicated select few ever makes it to the end.

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