Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bolo Training


Amarra training  is done by expressing the movement of  the sword  that is performed by a Kalista (swordsman) or Eskrimador. The defensive and offensive techniques comes into play as the blade goes around his/her person. The footwork and body mechanics works as one with the thrusting and cutting of the sword. It is almost similar to the way a music conductor would direct a musical performance who is responsible for setting up the tempo and entries of each musical instrument by the members of the orchestra. The difference is that Amarra is done without a partner. Yet the Kalista uses his/her mind to perform as if an opponent is right in front of him engaged in a fight. The brain may not know the difference between reality and imagination if the Kalista is fully engaged in the activity. It is similar to thinking and imagining strongly about eating a sour grape and as a result, your mouth and tongue begins to water and sour even without actually taking

Sometimes, instead of resembling it to the movement of  a music conductor it  may also be seen as a dance form. Which others call the "Dance of Death"

Bong Abenir
Abenir Kalis Philippines

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