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Humility or humbleness is an important value in our Filipino culture. In the tradition of the Filipino martial arts we start this by addressing our teachers as guro or maestro with the use of po and opo whenever we engage them in any form of conversation whether receiving and acknowledging instructions during training or engaging in simple kwentuhan (stories). In terms of physical manifestation we go to a series of our formal Pugay which is a form of salutation expressed in movements. Our practice of showing humility also extends  even when engaged in heated arguments over certain things that may arise. It is normal to hear Filipinos arguing with elders yet still addressing them with po and opo. That's also the reason most of us never even dare to call our elders just by their names. We use terms like tatang, manong or use the prefix"ka" before the name to respectfully address them (ex. Ka-Berto, Ka-Willie etc) We always try our best to show our respect in this manner because it is part of our ancestral interpersonal value. It is a value applied not just in the warrior arts but all things and to everyone else as well. We were taught early on that every human being comes from a devine being and a reflection of the devine. Therefore  we treat our brothers and sisters, elders and the young with the same respect. This is part of recognizing our Kapwa (the self in the other). A value of shared self which is an act of respect through an act of humility.

Bong Abenir
Abenir Kalis Filipino Blade Fighting Art

Source: KAPWA by Katrin De Guia

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