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KAPWA TAO ( Fellow man ): CORE VALUE OF A KALISTA ( Swordsman ) - Filipino Martial Arts is a fighting art that was handed to us by our great ancestors who developed their skills in the use of swords, knives, sticks, and various weapons for the purpose of defending others and for protecting ones self. The term "KAPWA TAO" in Filipino is the notion of a "Shared Self"  which is extending ones self to include others as well. This is the core of Filipino personhood. The learning of a fighting art always has to do with self protection that naturally includes others be it his or her own family, friends and their families and even strangers who are in need of it as well. This also means giving ones self in service to his/her Motherland.  The values underneath "KAPWA TAO" or shared self are the words "BAHALA NA" (determination), PAKIKIBAKA (resistance), and "LAKAS NG LOOB" (guts). It also extends to societal values such as "KARANGALAN" (dignity), "KATARUNGAN" (justice) and "KALAYAAN" (freedom)These values are inculcated in the minds, hearts and souls of every Eskrimador.  Therefore a true Kalista, Arnisador or Eskrimador is not just a fighter.  These values aside from the physical training should lead to the development of  a Kalista's totality as a "Mandirigma", "BAGANI" or a Noble warrior.

Bong Abenir
Abenir Kalis Filipino Blade Art

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Source: KAPWA by Katrin De Guia

Photos by Japs Jayme
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