Thursday, May 12, 2016


Article written by Punong Guro Rommel Ramirez

Numeration is a way of doing techniques by the number and it’s a good way to teach student the basics. But for long time practitioner it is not relevant, as it will make them freeze in doing some drills. What I really observe is that in sparring you don’t have time to think what to do instead to hit or get hit. With my two remarkable teachers Maestro Bong Abenir of Abenir Kalis System and late GrandMaster Dr. Crescencio Go MD of the Original Balintawak give me a lesson about reaction.

With Maestro Bong he introduced me to the way of Espada y Daga with no certain pattern but only giving pressure of attack so I could defend myself in the most awkward way, this way I easily memorize techniques faster and efficient. Its either it was pain who makes me react to certain things or I achieved dakip diwa(a term to describe a simultaneous action reaction without conscious thought. As soon as an angle of attack is recognized, an automatic appropriate response just comes out natural more like an ESP). But I am for sure that when he introduces me to random techniques I acquired skills beyond my imagination.

The late GrandMaster Dr. Crescencio Go MD who is fond of reaction through the way of agak(a term of Original Balintawak of assisting student to achieve skills) believes that reaction is a way to achieve higher form of technique. He said through agak you could see people growing like a tree…the more you practice agak the more you grow your skills. The feeder gives the stimulus to the receiver and in return it gives back to the feeder certain knowledge achieve only through this way. He guides me through using my senses like the feeling of hands to predict the slight changes of angle and force of an attack. It’s not the sequence that he is teaching me but mostly it’s about the reaction of every move that the assailant make. His famous quote is always be ready, never to oppose the flow but be aware of any slight changes so you can properly answer his intent wither he is going for the kill or he is just merely testing the water.

Through my observation and recommendation from my teachers I realize that teaching student the way of reaction is far more efficient than doing the opposite. Though a lot of martial arts teacher would disagree with me for some reasons either they have to pay the bill by prolonging the training or simply ignorant of the fact that its not efficient. I highly recommend that we should teach student through reaction, let them feel and enjoy the technique and then you come back to basic when they need to. Let us ignore the time being the flaw of their techniques and spend more of the reactions that they needed and in time they will achieve their full potential. As Master Peachie Baron Saguin tell me, “it must be right reaction, moving without understanding is just motion.“ We don’t need to get stuck to basic numeration but we should put it up to a higher form of learning through constant stimulus of reaction and honing our basic with understanding.

Grand Master Tatang Ilustrisimo is fond of doing technique through reaction. Whenever the young Grand Master Tony Diego would ask for the technique from tatang, he wouldn’t do the same technique twice. That’s why they have hard time to catalog most of the technique.

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