Monday, March 28, 2016


WHY GATHERINGS AMONG ESKRIMADORS IS IMPORTANT - This is the most beautiful physical expression of brotherhood and camaraderie among martial artists. It is always a pleasant atmosphere when everyone begins to share each others thoughts with an open mind and geniune interest in listening to what others have to say. As opposed to the aim of others who just go around trying to show off on who's better or who's more capable in terms of skills and knowledge over the other. It's true that there are always those who feel they have to. Well, either they're too insecure of themselves and their system or just naturally a certified asshole, so to speak (pardon my choice of word but I don't have much of a better adjective to describe such people for now because I am riding a jeepney on my way to work as of the moment.) Ok back to gatherings. There are many ways to conduct such events. It could be done through seminars, friendly tournaments or a simple get together over coffee , food and drinks. These are important in order to be able to build strong relations between fellow Eskrimadors , Arnisador or Kalistas whatever we choose to call it. This helps us to break the invisible barrier that devides practitioners coming from different styles, systems and masters. I understand that each of us takes an enormous amount of pride when it comes to these matters and rightly so because otherwise why should anyone spend time or even a life long study of their chosen style or system under certain masters or teachers if they don't believe in it and take pride in doing so. But leave that as it should be, placed into its proper perspective. Because that is based mostly on our own biased opinion and many others have their own as well. That is the reason why we don’t practice the same styles or systems. But those differences has to end there and should not be a cause of perpetual bashing of each other. Whatever problems could then be addressed and resolved by organising such gatherings or as I have said, talks over coffee. This is also a good way to gain mutual respect for each other and gainining insight on what they do. Now of course and sadly so, sometimes certain issues could not be resolved because certain people are either too stubborn or too arrogant or probably certain offenses committed against the other could not be easily remedied and does take time. But nevertheless this should not deter us from continuing such activities. I myself have been in constant connection with my fellow FMA friends. They are the ones who I could also ask help whenever there are activities that I would organize. And in turn I too give my support and attend such invitations to gatherings from them whenever I am available to do so. Of course we all have our busy schedules to deal with, but at least if you can't attend then you could always give them a wish of goodluck and success and maybe try to attend next time. This is better instead of secretly ill-wishing them or gossiping over them and trying to put them down. It's really ironic that many of us often would address each other as brothers and yet act as if we're cats and dogs constantly at odds with each other. Let's try to start working to help each other out instead. If not, then just keep whatever bad opinions you have of others to yourself or among yourselves within your cirlce and not go outside of that to infect others.

Bong Abenir 
Abenir Kalis Philippines

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