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Practical way of Kalis, Seamanship and Life

         There are many ways of knots for practical use in the ship but you don’t need to memorize each of those unless you’re becoming a Bosun or a nautical teacher. When I was a little child my father Captain Perfecto Naungayan Ramirez used to teach me several knots such as clove hitch, timber hitch and granny hitch but when I came to ship it become apparent that this knots are durable and practical. You can do this knots while blinded on the night while instantly untie it within a second. How is that so related to kalis and life?
  Practicality is when and where you could use your techniques in almost in an instant without thinking too much what to use and when to use it. As Grandmaster Tatang Ilustrisimo, also a seaman, techniques and strikes should end only at the third strike. He probably formulate this when he observe that on most ship practicality is the key to do things. With clove hitch and durable rope it can withstand heavy object without slipping off. Its science at its best and no wonder why a lot of people want to study kalis because of these traits. One time when Maestro Abenir Kalis and I have some side tour on one of the most crowded place in manila where we visit a famous fma school where they hang a frame full of weapons and one instructors told us that each one of those they will teach us. As expected Maestro Bong pulled out some of his humorous antics and exclaimed to me he will do likewise but instead of weapon he will probably put some everyday things we see like fork, spoon, broken cd, umbrella, rope and a lot of it. But with his statement I realize that practicality is the key. You don’t need to frame your kalis into just standard weapon. Your technique and weapon should be practical too. Things should be never complicated nor restricted when it comes to your kalis or martial arts. Doing practice also should be practical as taking too much of a technique and time is a waste. Make it a habit to do things, which you could do in a real combat. It should be instantaneous and easy to pull out.
 As for life, less is sexy as they say. The more you make things complicated the more stress you will get. Nowadays we tend to be more complicated with all the gadgets and things that we don’t need while we neglect the most important things in our life…. that is our family and real friends who really matters. It’s always the question of wants and needs…do we really need it? I can buy calculator, tv, radio and recorder but nothing beats the android phone.

Here are examples of techniques that we should do in thousand times.
It’s called panipis wherein both defender and assailant attack at angle 1 but the defender slightly change his footwork so he can take advantage of the positioning and speed of his weapon. I can attest to its practicality as I’ve used it many times during sparring. Enjoy and always be practical and scientific.

Rommel Ramirez
Abenir Kalis System


Grandmaster Antonio “Tatang” Ilustrisimo

Did you know the Great Grandmaster Antonio "Tatang" Ilustrisimo was a well known sailor of his time?

As a boy, the young Ilustrisimo had a very tough, stubborn, determined and indomitable spirit. When he heard of a far country called ‘America’, he decided to go there – at the age of 9 years old!   When his parents would not listen to his pandering, he ‘took’ some family money and a machete, and again, ‘took’ a small rowing boat and paddled out to the sea to what he thought would be America, not realizing how far America really is.  He fortunately chance across a ship.  The sailors aboard were surprised to see a young boy rowing out in the sea.  Out of curiosity, perhaps concern as well, there approached him and asked him where he was going.  “I am going to America in this boat!” was the confident answer.  The sailors rocked in laughter.  They somehow persuaded him to come with them.   Of course, he did not get to America.  But he did sail to a few ports, still not quite realising that America is still very, very far away……….

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