Friday, June 5, 2015


Although used primarily as a tool for farming is also employed as a weapon for fighting. It was made famous during the war when many Filipinos used this type of blade as a secondary or back up weapon just in case their guns run out of bullets. It is an extremely effective weapon for in fighting due to its short length and maneuverability when cutting and thrusting even in tight positions. The reason why we favor these types of blades over the long ones is due to its practical applications even into modern times. And also for the fact that it is easy to carry and conceal. Nowadays it is seldom that people fight with long swords, especially swords that requires using two hands to weild it. So the likelihood of facing someone or carrying a long or standard length sword is very slim. Thus we would like to train with weapons that are practically available to us such as short and long knives, machetes and bolos. The beauty of FMA is its adaptability in to modern times wherein the skills learned for swords is easily translated into shorter blades all the way to its empty hand form requiring only minor adjustments in order to be functional in any situation. For us in AK, our opinion is that Filipino martial arts is better preserved as a pure fighting art and not as a sport. When Sparring is employed then it should be a means to improve oneself in fighting ability and not for acquiring or winning medals or for just scoring points whatsoever. The building up of good character will show upon your honest assesment of your performance whether you were capable of defending yourself properly or you ended up dead hypothetically so to speak if it was a real fight. Whatever the outcome is, it should be honestly acknowledge as it is. The important thing is to always have these skills with us and use it only when justifiably needed.

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