Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I have heard a lot of old-timers in Filipino Martial Art Circle says that learning how to use the stick will automatically give you the ability to translate its techniques into sword or whatever edged weapon you are using. Although there are similarities with the movements being used for each weapon but then again it also has its differences. And by knowing this simple fact would give you an understanding of up to what point a certain weapon is effective and where its limitations lie.

Knowing how to wield a stick does not mean that you know how to wield a bolo effectively. First of all a stick is a blunt weapon, and the way you generate force in order to use it effectively as a weapon is very much different from a sword which is designed to cut, thrust or hack that requires a different kind of timing and handling compared to the stick or any kind of blunt and edged weapon for that matter. No amount of stick fighting would prepare a student for sword work not unless he trains in the use of such weapons. So the assumption that learning how to use a stick could be easily translated into knife work or vise versa is not true (take note of the word "easily").

 Although one may argue that the angles of attack and defenses are the same with using the same principles with any other type of weapon may have some truth in it but the law of physics when it comes to the use of different kinds of weapons says it isn't. Try wielding a stick and a bolo or a jungle knife and you’ll know what I mean. We are actually basing everything according to its efficient use and the science behind every technique and skill needed to use these weapons properly and not just mere interpretation from weapon to weapon. Imagine a stick fighter who never had any experience using a bolo all his life suddenly finds himself forced into a sword fight against a swordsman and likewise if a swordsman is forced into a stick fight. This also holds true with the translation from blade to stick to knife and empty hands. One must practise to wield these weapons properly. Practise ones form then on a dynamic drill and finally thru a live test in order to achieve skill and true undersanding.


Pekiti Tirsia Kali said...

Hello kabayan your observation is very good
,however the two school of thoughts differentiate in the training discipline my system is focus on terminating the enemy, period!

Bong Abenir said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Kabayan.